Alexander Kostov is born in the town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He begins his music studies at the age of 17 and shortly after that he begins his first professional steps in the area of film music. He composed the music for various projects, such as movies, video games and commercials. He is also an orchestrator for various movie and game projects.

Alexander studied composition at the Academy of Music Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv, in the class of prof. Dimitar Tapkоff and prof. Velislav Zaimov. His diploma work is a Sinfonietta for orchestra. Today he composes music in his own studio in Sofia and also works along in a team featuring some of the best film and game composers in Bulgaria.

In 2015 Alexander joined the team of the company “Strezov Sampling”, where he helps creating high quality sample libraries, used all around the world by famous Media composers. He also started working as an orchestrator and session librarian in the recording company Four For Music Ltd. 

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